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About Online Learning...

Online learning has become a fixture of not only college, but also in high schools and below. But what about online for training...?
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Online learning came to us in the late nineties, followed by an explosion of schools and courses in early 2000's. Colleges pioneered instructor-led learning strategies, with courses starting and ending on specific dates with students all registered for the same course at the same time.

Business and industry pioneered self-paced training programs to provide just-in-time and repeatable training to employees. Unfortunately, the easiest way to produce these short training programs was to adapt PowerPoint-type slides with narration (reading the slides to you) and delivering them to the student on demand. These programs are what most people think about when they hear "Online Training" and the reaction is normally not good.

Rightfully so - these courses are not good, and serve only one purpose. They allow the employer to check off a box that "training was conducted according to law/policy." Does learning really occur? Sometimes, but rarely.

At CJ Training, we offer online learning, but in a different mode. We have news items in the form of a blog to address current issues; we have News Minute videos in our online classroom that further address topics of the day, but in short video formats. We offer online self-paced training courses that are MUCH MORE than simply narrated slides - we use video, branching lessons, quizzes and more to make our self-paced training courses more effective, thus actually helping the student learn. And, we have college-model instructor-led online courses for the more complex topics in multiple week, multiple module cohort formats.

So take a look at what we have. We are continually building new courses and updating existing courses. If you have a suggestion for a new course that you don't see listed, please let us know at